• About travelyric

  • Travelyric was created from a simple idea: travel agencies worldwide need better software to support their business. The travel industry has been IT-intensive from the very beginning. Today, the Internet and advanced technology is changing the industry; however, the travel agency, especially small to medium agencies are still using outdated systems. To provide the customer with better experience, travel agencies need advanced information systems.


    Travelyric has a vision in building the system: “Open, Integrated, As service”. Since its inception in 2010, Travelyric has turned that vision into the system that now support thousands of travel agencies to serve millions of travelers. Today, we are one of the leading SAAS management software providers in the travel agency industry.

  • Team

  • Travelyric has a small but complete team that comprises six members, most of whom are engineers with a focus on coding. The team shares the same hope that we can use our technology to improve service experience within the industry.


    James has 10 years of coding experience in enterprise management software, particularly in the travel ERP industry. His focus is on Java and C. He currently works as an architect and primary programmer in our team. James has a deep understanding of Distributed System and SOA Architecture Design.


    A loyal fan of extreme simplicity, John brings his eight years of designing experience to Travelyric. He advocates for a flat style and insists on the simplicity principle in Travelyric products.

    John designs and codes the front end of our products.


    Mike graduated from college three years ago. He likes working with Linux, ever since using the operating system at university. Mike is in charge of the programming for Travelyric’s server.


    Barry presents a spirit of engineering in his work. Though he is relatively new to our team, he is always the one to help others in the team solve technical problems. Barry likes to travel around the world when on vacation.


    With a track record of developing OTA products for Expedia and Ctrip over the past 10 years, Richard Ochas brings his rich experience of the global travel technology industry to his position as lead developer. An expert in Agile theory, Richard is currently leveraging his vision of making our developing team productive and innovative.


    Yony is a true genius in marketing and sales. By nature, he knows how to attract people’s attention. With a strong programming background, Yony makes it possible to put marketing concepts into product design. Currently, Yony also manages Travelyric’s customer service.